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this is my last video project. in addition to directing, I also wrote the script, I took care of the editing and the post-production process. this music video project became trending on YT ROMANIA within 24 hours of its release, on the 5th place

this advertising project started from the song I produced.

after that, I developed the script that the agency approved.

I was in several departments on this project: director, cinematographer, editor, 2D post-production, music producer, lyricist, vocal interpretation and sound engineer.

this series of episodes I created for JTI, on their communication platform. I filmed this project remotely in 2020, in lockdown. I directed it through the zoom application for 4 days. in parallel with the rec. days, I created all the art directions for each episode. so that every episode I did 100% only by myself. each episode lasted between 4 and 8 working days.

in this advertising project I helped to rewrite the script, so that I managed to make the budget allocated by the client more efficient. the initial script happens on stage with the 2 artists. a performance carol was wanted, but that would have raised budget problems. so, I rewrote the idea and placed the performers in the theater and inserted the last frame with the decorated stage. this choice also created a surprise factor on the project.

this is a music video project that I made for my personal project, where I produce the music. here, the budget we had was $0. so, I chose to take photos of each vocal performer in the piece and edit the video from static, photographic stills that I've been shooting for 3-4 years.

here is also a making of how I made the video

this is a low budget project, where we wanted to place the actors in different spaces. so, I chose to use a rear projection screen

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